Author: Grandma-D

My name is Donna Patterson. Several of my relationship e-books are posted on Amazon Kindle. Currently I’m writing as wise Grandma-D on my blog offering years of practical experience as the basis for teaching women how-to-date-to-marry. Techniques are based on nature’s proven principles of how relationships work best from selection, thru dating, into marriage. It helps women who are tired of multiple partners and stalemate dates going nowhere. Its bold, brass, unique viewpoint offers a Six-Step Plan of Action. What makes this Plan work as opposed to other dating advice? Click here to discover the secrets:

Passionate Love Defined!

Is your physical attraction to him strong? Does your heart flutter when he walks into the room? Do you long to hold hands? Kiss him? Express yourself sexually with him? Do you believe that passionate love is vital to any enduring relationship? If yes—good. If no—your relationship is lacking a vital element. Now, let’s find […]

Mutual Love is the Endgame–Why?

END GAME IS MUTUAL LOVE Have you ever found yourself wondering if he loves you as much as you love him? Do you feel less secure in his love? These nagging questions could mean you’re feeling like a one-sided partner. Somehow you feel the balance of love is not equal. So how does a woman […]

A Settling for Marriage Nightmare!

WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER SETTLE FOR LOVE Do you want passion; chemistry; soul-stirring kisses; deep-seated lust; a craving heart; pulsating heart flutters? If so, you’d better rethink settling for marriage—because none of the above will apply. ‘Settling for’ means to settle for less. The operative word is … less.   Is less really what you […]

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