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My name is Donna Patterson. Several of my relationship e-books are posted on Amazon Kindle. Currently I’m writing as wise Grandma-D on my blog offering years of practical experience as the basis for teaching women how-to-date-to-marry. Techniques are based on nature’s proven principles of how relationships work best from selection, thru dating, into marriage. It helps women who are tired of multiple partners and stalemate dates going nowhere. Its bold, brass, unique viewpoint offers a Six-Step Plan of Action. What makes this Plan work as opposed to other dating advice? Click here to discover the secrets:

Relationships Defined Part III

Dr. Braun rose from her seat and walked over to the window. Her mind sought words that would both educate and instruct without belittling Julie to keep her self-esteem intact.   “Let’s talk about human nature. About men and the challenge,” she said. “Men love a challenge. Men love sex. And when a man meets […]

Relationships Defined – Part II

Julie is fraught with anxiety and confusion trying to understand why Rick has rejected her. She thought she knew the rules–how love and relationships grow–how relationships are defined. Now, she seeks counsel from the relationship counselor who introduced her to the Six-Step-Dating strategy. Let’s listen in on the discussion.   “Dr. Braun,” Julie said, her […]

Relationships Defined – Part I

In the next few posts we’ll examine whether or not our protagonist, Julie, permitted a long enough time-span to ensue between she and Rick to allow love to develop and grow before she pledged her heart. Did she really define the meaning of relationships? Below is a sneak peek inside the “How-to-Date-to-Marry” Workbook.   It […]

Is He Your Soulmate?

  Bruce kissed her passionately. Amy responded but pulled back a little. She had a habit of doing that. Like the passion was almost there—but not quite. In the back of her mind she pushed the nagging question aside: Is he your soulmate? She wanted him to be—but was he?   Amy and Bruce had […]

How to Attract the Man You Love

  You must love yourself first to attract the man you love — or game’s over before it even begins. That’s because if you have confidence in yourself first, a man feels your strength and wants to embrace that empowerment that is you. It’s something he can’t resist. This confidence attracts men like magnets.   […]

A Friendship Lover

Often when a new relationship goes bad, I am asked “what are the qualities of a good relationship?” This was the case with Julie who dated a recently divorced man and enjoyed heaven-moving intimacy with him shortly after they met. When he stopped calling, she asked the above question. Here’s how our discussion went: “Ok […]

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