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I Invite You To Call Me for support.  First, read the above tab about Grandma-D and the purpose of this blog. I want you to understand who I am and what I want to do assist you in dealing with the ups and downs of relationships. The good, bad, and the ugly as it were. Keying in especially on how to handle rejection.

You are special and deserve love, respect, and happiness. Therefore, I want you to be able to:


And yes, there is a BEST way as outlined in How-to-Date-to-Marry workbook.”


Once you embrace the key principles of human nature and understand how they work best between a man and a woman, you’ll never have to knowingly suffer the pain of rejection, nor ever to be relegated to secondhand, walk-away love again. Instead, you can find true love.

Conversely, if you ignore or dismiss these principles then you will knowingly sabotage your chance for a workable partnership that lasts for the long haul —You don’t want that.

It’s your choice … Let’s proceed.


The first step is to read the workbook, complete the profiles, answer the Q&A’s. This workbook is unique in its presentation of taking you on a journey from Selection through Dating into Marriage. It’s quite individualized and thorough in its approach. It’s a great love story and offers practical tips and solutions.

Once you understand and apply this foundation knowledge, you’ll step forward with a new attitude toward dating and relationship building. Then memories of your past failures will fade into the distance.  In its place, you’ll be stepping high with an increased level of knowledge that builds confidence and hopefulness as you once again enter the dating arena.

Now all this is fine and good, but you know what? …

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. A hearing ear. A shoulder to cry on. Non-judgmental. Something too private to share with those close to you, yet needing an outlet. Someone you can trust to assist you through trying times.

Life Can Be Cruel Holding You Hostage In Darkness:


I offer you full privacy and confidentiality to speak freely and openly to relieve your pressure and pain often with guidance for better times ahead.

Do you want to talk?  CALL ME. …I can Help!  (Available October 30, 2017)


My heart goes out to so many requests that I’m extending myself for one-on-one conversations with me for a limited time, via pay-per-call service. This is a “live” paid service.  Credit cards and debit cards are accepted.


Let’s chat. You talk. Let’s find solutions.


I eagerly want to hear what’s on your mind and work with you to map out a plan that can help you resolve your issue(s).


I am available daily, except Thursday and Sunday. Hours are 2pm to 10pm EST. Cost is $2.99/ minute. Let’s talk today!


Hope you are as excited about this chance for mutual dialogue as I am.

Pick up your phone and call me NOW. Call below.  


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