Book I: Select Best Match

This Three-book series journeys women from Selection through Dating into Marriage.  Apply Smart Dating skills & Follow this Amazing Six-Step System to find your Soulmate.


Julie’s narrates her love story. The content revolves around her journey from dating rejections and heartache to finally finding heart-throbbing love with Dave, her soulmate. It happened when she learned to date with clear purpose and direction. Not winging it.


Initially, she stumbles time and again until she meets an outspoken relationship coach who teaches her what true love is & IS NOT. She then develops a Selection Profile that pinpoints her best match. Next, she learns how love develops and grows using time as her best ally. And avoids crucial ‘Don’ts‘ that sabotage new love. Finally, she gains his commitment even when he hedges.


After the wedding, how do you make your marriage work? Discover the Marital Harmonics Org Chart. What roles do each play and why? Solve problems using the RAP method. How to work as a team. Practice the highest level of love: “principled love” for a life-time. And why it never fails.

As Julie learns, readers learn too by Q&As, Quizzes, Summaries, Profiles.


Book I (Selection) Identifying Your Best Match

1. The importance of loving yourself first is to Set Your Value. Once set, confidence allows you to Assert Your Value to attract the man most likely to love you all the way to marriage.

That’s all well and good, but how does one establish self-love? What are the steps to gain high-level confidence in yourself—And then Assert it?

Book I answers these questions: how, why, what, when… and more

2. How to identify your best match upfront instead of kissing frogs along the way or wasting time dating randomly.

Your choice of whom you’ll marry is the single most important building block in whether your relationship will succeed. Your choice is more crucial than everything else combined that you will ever do to lay the foundation for your marriage. Your choice will determine whether you enjoy the satisfaction of a wise decision or the pain of a terrible mistake. It’s crucial to make the right selection!

Next, you develop two profiles to determine your best match:

*This is the tool you’ll use to determine whom to date going forward.

3. Why and how to delay sex until the scale tips in your favor for maximum benefit. Establish love first as a hedge against rejection.

Disclaimer: If your penchant is for hooking-up, casual sex, friendship sex. Then the following doesn’t apply to you.  But, for women seeking intense soulmate love, commitment, and marriage…

This is a BIG DEAL.

And, NO, it’s not old-fashioned for two reasons:

  1. Men and women view sex in relationships differently. 
  2. Women attach emotion, therefore more vulnerable. (more info later)

This series addresses the latter as Julie explains.

What the purpose of dating IS NOT.

I lost my virginity in high school with my puppy love. We dated two years but parted ways after graduation. Fast forward to college days.

Testosterone is in the air. Cute boys. Booze and hooking-up is the way of life. You know, experimentation and all. Isn’t this what college dating is about? And as a young 20-year-old, I got caught up. Wild parties and sex with whomever, whenever— what’s not to love. This modern woman had swung into her full-fledged sexual agency… Way to go girl!

Until …

By the time I was 28 despondency hit me like crushing bolder stabs and I crumbled into ashes of despair. I mean, is this all there is?

Meaningless couplings had lost its edge. I felt empty. Sometimes cheap and easy. Something was missing. I wanted a serious relationship but didn’t know how. Where to look or what to look for?

Some friends got married. Others had bed-romp relationships like me that left them reeling. One, in particular, comes to mind. Jenny got involved with a 90-day man that ended in an attempted suicide.

Based on an article in Cosmopolitan years ago titled “The 90 Day Man”. This man wines and dines a woman about three months. Loving her up morning ’till night. He can’t get enough. So intense is his attention, she dreams of her wedding day. Even the entire family falls in love with him. Yes, HE is the ONE—her Prince Charming… until he disappears.


The article explained that after 90 days this man has saturated himself with everything this woman has to offer—sapping her emotions dry. Now, he’s ready to move on to another 90-day adventure. Another woman.

How cold is that?

Woman in heartache painJenny cried for years!

Yes, Jenny and I were on treadmills going nowhere. Jenny wondered how a woman prevents a 90-day disaster from happening to her? How to cope with the rejection? Why did it happen? What were the clues?

I wondered how to find a guy ready for heart-throbbing love, commitment, and marriage. Today many couples live together without marriage.

To each his own…

But I wanted the “ring.”

Man offering engagement ring

But how?

I read boatloads of self-help books and thought I had a handle on how men think. Eventually, I met, Joe. We clicked in all the right places. I fell deeply in love and gave my heart to him. Full steam ahead. Problem was, we clicked according to what I knew about relationship building. Which wasn’t much.

The relationship took me on a roller-coaster ride through Gehenna that ripped my self-esteem to shreds. I did everything I knew how to make him happy. To make us work… It didn’t. What did I do wrong?

Yeah, I blamed myself.

Meet Tracy Braun, Relationship Coach

What an awakening to understand what romantic love IS and IS NOT. What the purpose of dating IS and IS NOT. Red hot passion is necessary but must be accompanied with so much more.  Like mutual appreciation, mirror imaging, verbal intimacy, reciprocal love, shared values, and the most meaningful time for sexual involvement. Then weave all four components of love together to unify two as one.


It sounds intimidating until Coach Braun introduced me to a Six-Step System to date with purpose and direction.  It’s easy to learn—but calls for boldness to implement. Since my desire to bond with one special person was intense. I was willing to learn: WHAT to do, HOW to do it, WHY it works.

All was going well until she explained no physical involvement (sex) until step-four. What! My head refused to compute. How to wait without coming across as frigid, weird, goody-two-shoes, old-fashioned. I mean, I’ve been around the block a few times… And now I’m saying, “Hold on a bit?”

I raged. No can do!

It’s a Mindset Change

Coach Baun explains this discussion is not biblical abstinence. It’s keeping your heart from being trampled on leaving you hurt, confused, angry, depressed, alone, bitter, mean, mad:

UNTIL… he respects/appreciations your VALUE. It’s a safeguard for you!

UNTIL… he’s your best friend to stand by your side through the good/bad/ugly.

A woman has to view her body as a “gift of high value”—A gift of her heartfelt love to be shared with the man who esteems her value, her uniqueness, her talents, her emotional selflessness, her kindness, her joy, her patience, — as a gift from her soul to his soul only.

OK, maybe that sounds a bit melodramatic. But you get the point.

Love is about shared values, deep respect, complementary differences to grow, bonding two as one, laughter and joy and of course, “chemistry”.

It is NOT your name becoming a notch on someone’s pecker. Or being conned by a 90-day man. Those days are Over!


In other words, for a man to receive this gift from you, he has to earn your love. He has to value you as the prize to win. You set the rules, you take the lead to when intimacy happens. It’s a little tricky. How to do this without turning him ‘off’? Sounding pushy. Too bossy. Or him telling you to get lost.

It calls for full trust in yourself and the boldness to stick to your resolve. These are dating skills that I teach you based on understanding how men think and how they pursue.

February 12, 2019, JUST IN …

Earlier, I mentioned physical intimacy at step 4 at the earliest. Following is an excerpt I just read by Mary J. Blige, a well-known singer, age 48. The article was posted by Madamenoire magazine, written by Victoria Uwumarogie.

Mary J. Blige Says If She’s Learned Anything When It Comes to Dating, It’s “Don’t Give It Away So Fast”

Mary J. Blige has been in enough relationships, including public ones, to have learned something about the right and wrong way to go about things when it comes to love. So, when she shared some dating advice for fellow single women struggling to meet their right match in big cities like LA, our ears perked up.

According to the 48-year-old singer and actress, she’s learned that the key to navigating the dating scene is being confident in yourself. Oh, and it’s also imperative that you keep your goodies to yourself for as long as you can.

“Treasure yourself,” she said in an interview with. “Like, wait. Don’t give it away so fast. Make them wait forever for it. All of it. Just have confidence in yourself and they’ll see it in you. They’ll treat you like that. But if you’re not confident, they’ll treat you like that.”


Yes, ladies, it’s OK to set the rules. I know first hand this is the most effective dating path for women of the 21st century… Hands down.

It Starts with Relationship Education

You must understand what Romantic love IS and IS NOT!   Next, you must embrace “self-love to build confidence. “Love is First an Inside Job”. Here is how you benefit:

Seriously, once you understand what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how to do it, the dating game and its secrets open up wide, and the veil of mystery disappears. You’ll enjoy dating as never before because you will know what your role is, where you want to go and how to get there. It’s a simple process to learn. But depends on you to execute properly to benefit yourself.

With full transparency. I failed a couple of times. It was disastrous. You know, old habits are hard to break. Fortunately, my Selection Profile picked me up. And I tried again and again until I got it right.

Thanks a Million, Coach Braun!


Again, I feel your pain. I’ve been there, done that. That’s why I am offering you this Six-Step Solution that takes you from Selection through Dating into Marriage.

Now you can find your soulmate like I found mine. At top of the list of happiness is to live your life with a best friend, lover, confidant, supporter. Doesn’t get any better than that!

This Six-Step System is my savior. It pulled me from the depths of rejection and despair into a wonderful life of love and happiness, even in this chaotic world. I trust it can do the same for you when you master the art of smart dating skills.

You will develop a game plan to know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how to do it step-by-step that “opens his heart” causing him to bond with you like no other woman can.


At last, you’ve found your soulmate.  Now, marry the man who will love you all the way!

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The only question to ask is…

“Do I believe enough in myself to invest in education to help me identify my best match then help me develop my relationship into the lifetime love I deserve?  Do I want to be a happy bride? Do I want to be loved? Do I want to share my life with a man I love? Of course, you do! Don’t wait another minute to start. Click here!

“To love the one who loves you–To admire the one who admires you–In a word, To be the idol of one’s idol–Is exceeding the limit of human joy–It is stealing fire from heaven.”Delphine de Girardin


Exciting stuff, huh! At last, you’ve found a relationship series that gives you insider secrets to how love and romance develop and grow.

It starts first with SELECTING the right person to date: Book I.

Come on, grab the happiness you deserve and start living the loving life you deserve!Click here.


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