Book II: Date to Win


Prepare your mind with visualization to find enduring love. Grandma-D is always looking for ways to enhance your relationship experience. I think you might find the following supplemental material of interest to consider:

Visualization Gently Reprograms Mind to Attract the Best Life 

Think of a visualization video as a digital version of a vision board. These videos combine inspirational full motion video, affirmations, subliminal messages, meditative audio and brainwave entrainment called binaural beats.

This powerful combination breaks through the walls of your subconscious mind and programs it with the outcomes you desire. Giving you the power to manifest using The Law of Attraction.

These videos cover an entire range of the human experience. Click on the link below and scroll down to see what these 10-minute videos cover:

*Love and Relationships
*Healing Body and Mind
*Developing Special inner abilities
*Wealth and Success

You can access video and audio files online or download directly to your computer, cell phone, or tablet for use anytime.

These 10-minute long subliminal visualization videos gently reprogram your mind so you can attract the life you really want and deserve in just three easy steps.

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